How do I match WooCommerce orders and deposits?


How do I match deposits between WooCommerce and Cloud Cart?

You must use the WooCommerce WP JSON API. At the my connections page, add this to the end of your URL:


Here is an example:


At the my connections page, click submit. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair WooCommerce. You must sync the orders from Woo to QB. WooCommerce contains a field called transaction id. Our tool places it in the QB order. When we download a deposit report from Stripe, our tool searches QB for orders with these transaction identifiers.

If you have already configured your website without the wp-json, you can easily transfer the settings. Click configure at the my connections page. Click account and click transfer website. Select the website and enter the new URL ending in wp-json/wc/v1.

I use Stripe as my payment processor. Do I need to pair it?

Yes, you must pair Stripe at the my connections page. At the install wizard, choose match deposits.

I use PayPal. Is it supported?

Yes, pair PayPal just like you did with Stripe.

I use PayPal and Stripe. Are they supported?

Yes, you can pair both. Each one counts as a separate connection. Click account and click upgrade. Choose the $69 plan or higher.

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