SOS Inventory


QuickStart Set-Up

Here are the steps:

SOS Inventory

You must update a product, so our software receives it:

  1. Choose a product in SOS inventory whose name matches a product SKU in your website.
  2. In SOS Inventory, create an item receipt for the product. This will trigger an update, so it appears during the next sync. You may also edit a product's purchase description by adding the word test.

Cloud Cart Connector

You must set-up a connection between SOS and your website:

  1. At the my connections page, choose your online store to accept inventory updates. Here is an example of a WooCommerce store: 
  2. Login to
  3. At the my connections page, choose SOS Inventory
  4. Click submit.
  5. Click the link that appears.
  6. Sign to SOS.
  7. When you return to, click submit.
  8. From the checkbox list, choose the integrations that will receive inventory: 
  9. Click submit.
  10. Hover over the gear box and click transaction log: 

Removing Inventory from SOS

An invoice in QBO can sync over to SOS and create a shipment automatically. Go into your SOS sales settings > general tab and enable the Auto-Ship Invoices option.


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