Cloud Cart Connector can sync customers, newly created products, and orders from WooCommerce to QuickBooks. Cloud cart can sync inventory updates from QB to WooCommerce.


Here are the prerequsites:

  • Your website must have an SSL certificate.
  • If you have the WooCommerce iThemes plugin, uncheck enable HackRepair.com's blacklist feature. Uncheck filter long URL strings. You can also whitelist the cloudcartconnector.com IP.
  • If you are updating inventory from QB to WooCommerce, disable ModSecurity on your website. If you don't, then you'll receive a 501 not implemented error in your log.

WooCommerce 2.4

Cloud Cart Connector uses a special WooCommerce user name and password, known as a consumer key and secret, from your website. To pair your site, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Cloud Cart Connector.
  2. On the my connections page, choose WooCommerce.
  3. Enter your URL, prefixed by https: 
  4. Click submit.
  5. On the dialog box that appears, click continue.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions. You will be asked to login and click the accept button. If Cloud Cart says pairing failure, click the link for 2.3 on the my connections page. Generate keys manually and enter them into Cloud Cart. 
  7. Upon completing these steps, you are redirected to the configure page of our software.

WooCommerce 2.4 of Higher - Pairing Failure

Cloud Cart Connector will try to auto-generate a special user name and password to pair your website and our solution. If your website does not auto generate the special credentials, you can easily obtain and add them to your website.

Generate Keys

To generate the keys, see generate API keys in this help article.

Enter Credentials

On the my connections page, click the WooCommerce 2.3 link above the form.

Enter the consumer key and secret:


WooCommerce 2.3

If you use 2.3, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Cloud Cart my connections page, click the WooCommerce 2.3 link above the form. You will see two fields.
  2. Login to your WordPress website.
  3. On the left, click users.
  4. Above the users table, click administrators.
  5. Click edit next to a user.
  6. Scroll to the bottom.
  7. Check the box for generate API keys: 
  8. Click update.
  9. Scroll down again: 
  10. Copy the consumer key into the Cloud Cart consumer key field.
  11. Copy the consumer secret into the Cloud Cart consumer key secret field.

Unpaid Orders, Invoices and Payments

Sales receipts have a $0 balance, so only paid orders should reach QuickBooks. The default Cloud Cart Connector settings will skip unpaid orders. If you're creating invoices, the system only makes payments for credit card orders or orders that say they are paid in full. Our system can keep checking the same orders and when they are completed, insert them. If you want to change this behavior, follow these steps:

  1. Login to cloudcartconnector.com
  2. Click submit
  3. If you want to see the invoice first and payment later, select invoices payments if paid under the transaction type dropdown.
  4. Under the order export tab, enter complete in the order status field.
  5. Click save and sync.

Replace # Sign

WooCommere sends us a # sign before each order number. You can replace it using our rules engine. See Replace Order Number # Sign for the rule set and rule.

Product Variations

Each product variation has must have a unique SKU in WooCommerce. The variation is treated as its own product in QuickBooks. If the SKU has no matching item name in QuickBooks, then our software makes a new product. The variation SKU will be the item name. If the SKU matches an existing item name, then the software will match to the product.

In this diagram, the parent product is 5063-511:


Custom Fields

Custom fields should be bound to the post meta. Please see this article on custom field support.

How do I sync PO numbers to QB?

Using the WooCommerce Purchase Order Gateway, you must save the PO number to the post meta field. Once complete, map the custom field to the PO.


In your WooCommerce tax settings, you can choose to have prices include VAT. If the drop down is selected, then Cloud Cart will send these prices to QB.

Inventory Sync

Make sure that your products have stock tracking turned on. Make sure that back order is turned on, if items can have negative quantities:


Here is a demo of the integration:

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