Journal Entries



Cloud Cart Connector can summarize sales data, if your solution provider sends us a report. Erply sends a ZReport, income summary, and a COGS report for daily location sales. At this time, we only support journal entries with QuickBooks Online.

Set-Up Accounts

You must tell Cloud Cart Connector which accounts to use. 

  1. Login to
  2. On the next page when asked for your solution, click the blue submit button.
  3. On the left, click journal entries.
  4. Click add new journal entry.
  5. Choose your entry type.
  6. Choose your debit and credit accounts.
  7. Choose the store location, which will group the journal entries.

For the payment methods, a single debit accounts is used. Even though you set-up each line with a debit and credit, some lines have the debit and credit on the same line.

Here are examples of adding a single entry and showing a list of entries: 



Debits and Credits 

Here are a list of credits and debits:

Debit Credit
COGS  Inventory
  Income Summary
  Credit Card
  Debit Card
  Gift Card

To see a sample journal entry, click on the attachment. 


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