Cloud Cart Connector Settings - Step 2



This article guides you through the transaction settings area, which are the minimum settings. These settings include your transaction type, sales tax set-up, and your accounts.

Transaction Type

You can create estimates, sales orders, invoices, payments, and sales receipts for each order. You may not create sales receipts for some orders and invoices for others. If you choose invoices only, payments if paid, a payment is created if the invoice has a $0 balance in your order management system. This setting is ideal if your company performs COD or check payments. Invoices and payments will create an invoice and payment regardless of the invoice's balance.

Customer Mapping

Cloud Cart Connector allows users to map customers and products between their e-commerce solution and QuickBooks. For more details, please see our customer matching article.

Configure Cloud Cart Connector for Sales Tax

There are two steps for mapping tax. They are adding tax codes to QuickBooks and assigning them to states in our system. For more details, please see our sales tax instructions.


Final Steps

Click save and sync. Our system will set-up a scheduled task to insert orders hourly into QuickBooks Online.

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