Insert Orders from ShipWorks into QuickBooks



Our system uses the ShipWorks action feature to send orders to Cloud Cart Connector. You must set-up the action, tell ShipWorks the orders to send, and create a Cloud Cart Connector account.

How It Works

  • ShipWorks sends Cloud Cart Connector a text file for each order. ShipWorks can send this file if the order is shipped from ShipWorks. Business users can select orders manually to send to Cloud Cart Connector
  • These orders are stored in our database for fifteen to sixty minutes.
  • Our system processes these orders and clears the database, after its done.


You must tell ShipWorks to send Cloud Cart Connector order data:

  1. Go to Manage > Action.
  2. Click new action.
  3. Under add task, select send web request.
  4. Under request URL, enter this value: and replace INTUIT EMAIL with the email of your Intuit account.
  5. Make your screen look like this image:

Go to and login with your Intuit account. Select ShipWorks and click submit. Complete the settings on the next page and click save and sync.

Here is an online demo of the integration:


Send Shipped Orders

Some users wish to send Cloud Cart Connector orders when the shipment is complete. Where it says an order is downloaded in the image above, select when a shipment is processed. Right click an order and click ship order > process all.

Exporting Orders from a Certain Store

To export orders from Amazon, for example, click settings in the image shown above this sentence. Check only run action for these stores and choose your store.

Reexporting Orders

If ShipWorks sends orders that already exist in QuickBooks, our system will update them. To resend orders, follow these steps:

  1. In the image above this sentence, click the dropdown next to everything in
  2. Using the filters, choose a list of orders to resend.
  3. In ShipWorks, go to home
  4. Click on download

You may click the create button inside the dropdown to make a filter. You can export orders from a date range or order status.

Refunded and Cancelled Orders

If our solution receives an order with cancelled, refunded, or declined as the online order status, our system creates a void or credit memo in QuickBooks.

Exporting Orders from ShipWorks to QuickBooks using a Custom Button

There are times when you want complete control over the orders sent to QB. In this case, you can create a custom button to send orders to Cloud Cart Connector. Here are the steps:

  1. Under the action we previously set-up, it says when an order is downloaded.
  2. From that dropdown, select when a custom button is clicked. The button will appear greyed out under the home tab, until you select orders.
  3. Press and hold shift plus left click to select orders in ShipWorks, then click the QuickBooks button that you previously set-up. 

This will send orders to us. These orders are held in a queue and our system picks them up at a specified interval and inserts them into QB.

Insert Orders from QuickBooks into ShipWorks

Our system uses the ShipWorks generic module feature, which means QuickBooks is a custom store. Our system will pull invoices and sales receipts. You must set-up a custom store by following these instructions:

  1. In ShipWorks, go to manage > stores > add
  2. Choose generic module
  3. For the user name and password fields, enter your Intuit account info. The password can be whatever you want, since Cloud Cart Connector already has your credentials, but the Intuit email must match the one we have on file.
  4. For the store URL, enter
  5. The system will fill in NA by default for all your store info. Change it with your information.


Here is an online demo of the integration:


The system will use the last download dates on file to send orders. You can easily change these dates by going to settings > order export in Cloud Cart Connector.


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