Troubleshooting nopCommerce Avalara No Tax


Avalara Never Inserts Orders

On the nopCommerce Avalara settings page, ensure never call insert tax is unchecked. Make sure that the order status drop down says a status that your order reaches.

If there is already an order matching the one you are inserting into Avalara, you can add a prefix. On the nopCommerce Avalara settings page, enter a prefix of 716. On the batch form below the setting, enter the order number in both boxes. Click submit.

Avalara Returns 0 Tax

In your nopCommerce Avalara settings page, check the box for logging. In ~/avalaralog.txt, you will see informational and error messages. Here is what you could see:

Item adjusted total: 16.95000000. Tax rate: 0. Taxes applied: 0.00

Avalara Account Configured Incorrectly

Likely, Avalara fails to see that the item is taxable. Each product has a sales tax code assigned to it. When this code is passed to Avalara, it then decides whether an item is taxable. To apply tax using a item code from Ektron, please read this article.

Ensure that your business has Avalara nexus in your state. This means that Avalara will provide a rate in that state. For more info, please contact Avalara.


It’s also possible that there is an error, but your website lacks read / write permissions to ~/avalaralog.txt. If this is the case, view your application event log. It will say this message:

Please enable read / write permissions on the Ektron Avalara log file, ~/avalaralog.txt. The system is unable to write errors to the text file, due to a permissions issue.


Avalara must be informed that you charge sales tax in certain countries and states. Please ensure that your account looks like this:

Avalara authentication has possibly failed. Please try different credentials, if there is no error message.

Please ensure you have used the proper credentials from Avalara. Ensure that your company code is correct.


Errors and no logging

If you have turned logging on and you still don’t see errors in the event log, ensure that the application event log exists. If it does not, create a page and add this code to page load:

System.Diagnostics.EventLog.CreateEventSource("ApplicationName", "LogName");

All logging is done in the Application Event Log, when event logging is turned on. For the event log, make sure you are following these instructions.

“xxx Company not found.  Verify the CompanyCode. Avalara.AvaTax.Services.Tax”

Your company code is incorrect. Please log into the Avalara admin:

Verify that the code exists: 

Although orders are complete, they need complete status and must be new orders to enter Avalara. Here are two common reasons why sales invoices fail to appear 

Order is Old

You receive a message in ~/avalaralog.txt that says “DocStatus is invalid for this operation. Expected Saved|Posted.” This means that the order number entering Avalara already exists as a Sales Invoice. This can happen when you test orders, delete them in e-commerce site, then start new orders. Observe this example with the Ektron Avalara Connector:

(Ektron Admin)

(nopCommerce Admin)

If this order exists, you can use the doc code prefix feature. This will prefix the order with anything you want. You can enter ek in the field for Ektron, ke for Kentico or nop for nopCommerce. The order enters as ek10013 with this feature:

The field is located in the settings page for the connector and here is the Ektron example:

Wrong Order Status

The connector called InsertTax when the order is complete. To change this behavior, please read this article:


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