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Cloud Cart Connector maps orders with the customer's first name on line 1, followed by the address. You can change the mapping to have the company name on line 1. Orders outside of the U.S. must have the full country name on the last line.

U.S. Orders

The customer's name should exist on the first line. The address will go on lines two and three. There is no need to add the country. Here is an example:

Eric Yan
123 Main St
Suite 100
Watertown, MA  02472

If you're using the company on line one, here is an example:

ABC Company
Eric Yan
123 Main St - Suite 100
Watertown, MA  02472

If you use the name on line two, then combine the other two address lines into one. If you're using ShipStation, their address normalizer will fix addresses prior to shipping.

Orders Outside of the U.S.

Orders shipping to Canada should have the full country name on the last line. Orders outside of Canada and the U.S. must have the postal code and city on the line before the full country name. Orders shipping to Europe must have this format.

Here is an example order for Asia:

Eric Yan
Biomedic Technology
36 jalan desa 4/5 - Bandar Country Homes
48000 Selangor

Here is an example for Canada:

Maher Nuwwareh
Nebo Medical Ltd
55 Town Center Crt., Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario M1P 4X4

Change Address Mapping

To add the company on line 1, follow these steps:

  1. At the Cloud Cart Connector configure page, click advanced.
  2. Under orders from QuickBooks settings, adjust the mapping drop down to Company First Line, Name Second: 
  3. Click save and sync.
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