Can I stop syncing orders, if products are missing from QuickBooks?



Cloud Cart will create new products if they are missing from QuickBooks. You can tell Cloud Cart to log error messages and you can map these products.

How do I set up this feature?

When you install Cloud Cart, the last wizard step says product matching. Under new Missing Products, choose flag order as error and map:

For existing accounts, go to the Cloud Cart configure page. Click the Missing Products tab and choose Flag Order as Error and Map from the dropdown menu.

How do I use this tool?

To sync some orders to QuickBooks where products are missing, hover over the Settings gear in Cloud Cart. Click reports and product mapping. You will see a grid of products to map:

After I map the products, what happens?

Until you click resync, Cloud Cart will save no mappings. Once you are done, click create mappings and resync. Cloud Cart will create rules, which map SKUs and QuickBooks items. To see rules, hover over the Settings gear and click rules engine.

Cloud Cart will resync the missing orders shortly.

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