How do I match WooCommerce orders and deposits?


How do I match deposits between WooCommerce and Cloud Cart?

You must use the WooCommerce WP JSON API. At the My Connections page (Home > My Connections), select your existing WooCommerce connection and click "Edit Login" to add this to the end of your URL:


Here is an example:


At the My Connections page, click submit. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair WooCommerce. The sync direction must be from WooCommerce to QuickBooks. WooCommerce contains a field called "transaction id." Cloud Cart places it in the QuickBooks order number field. When Cloud Cart downloads a deposit report from Stripe, it searches QuickBooks for orders with these transaction identifiers.

If you have already configured your website without the wp-json API, you can easily transfer the settings. Click Configure at the My Connections page. In the upper-right portion of Cloud Cart, click on the little head icon, which brings up your account details. Click My subscription. On the top left, click My Account, then choose transfer website. Select the website and enter the new URL ending in wp-json/wc/v1.

I use Stripe as my payment processor. Do I need to pair it?

Yes, you must pair Stripe at the My Connections page. During the Install Wizard, choose Match Deposits as the Sync Direction.

I use PayPal. Is it supported?

Yes, PayPal is supported and paired just the same was as Stripe.

I use PayPal and Stripe. Are they supported?

Yes, you can pair both services. Note that each one counts as a separate connection and will require upgrading your subscription.

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