Cloud Cart Multi User Support for QuickBooks Online Accountant


Cloud Cart allows QuickBooks Online Accountant users to pair multiple users under a single account.  With this functionality, you can "impersonate" your users to access their Cloud Cart account settings.


Here are the steps to pair multiple accounts in Cloud Cart:

  1. Login to and pair QuickBooks. When you arrive at the My Connections page, click Add New Connection. Choose ShipWorks and click Configure.
  2. Go through the wizard and disregard the settings.
  3. Close your browser.
  4. Return to and pair QuickBooks as another user.
  5. Go to the person icon and click add company files:

6. Enter the company ID of the user to associate: 

7. If Cloud Cart finds the user, Cloud Cart will send an email confirmation link.

8. Once the user confirms, refresh the page. You will see an impersonation link: 

9. Click impersonate.

10. At the My Connections page, you will see the ShipWorks connection.

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