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Our tool can sync with Amazon using a settlement report summary, daily sales summary, or individual orders. During our set-up, you will be asked to choose what type of data to sync. Our software can sync inventory from QuickBooks to Amazon with any connection.

How do I pair Amazon?

You must give JMA access to your account. Please read our Amazon guides about pairing:

Can I sync inventory from QuickBooks to Amazon?

Cloud Cart can send inventory updates from QuickBooks to Amazon. Our tool matches the QuickBooks item name or QuickBooks SKU to the Amazon SKU. During our set-up, choose sync inventory to Amazon and orders to QuickBooks. FBA items are excluded from the sync. If you use holding time, you must map a default time. Please read the inventory update guide.

If your SKUs and QuickBooks products are mismatched, you may map them using our rules engine. To map multiple listings to the same SKU, read this guide.

What Amazon Sync Should I Use?

Here are a list of pros and cons:

Amazon Settlement Report



  • The report is only available, if there is a deposit. The sync occurs every two weeks. 
  • Sync only available from sixty days ago to present.
  • No individual customers sync to QuickBooks. All orders sync to a single customer or a customer based on fulfillment.



  • Sync individual orders with customer info.
  • Up to date sales sync hourly.


  • You must match orders to deposits and if you have large volume, it could be challenging.
  • No Amazon fees are included on orders.
  • Difficult to sync large volumes historically. Our software queries orders by their date modified, so missing orders could have different dates than expected.
  • Sync is time consuming because our software must pulls Amazon orders one by one.
  • Can cause sync failures with large volumes of orders. Ideal for syncing small volumes in short period of time.

Amazon Orders Report


  • Sync large volumes of sales quickly and effectively. Our software pulls all orders from a single report, instead of one by one.
  • Orders are pulled by their creation date, so this report is ideal for syncing historically.
  • Sync individual orders or a daily summary.


  • Compatible with Amazon Canada and U.S. only. Please contact us for other countries.
  • No Amazon fees included on orders.
  • No individual customers sync to QuickBooks. All orders sync to a single customer or a customer based on fulfillment.
  • Out of box, our software will sync a daily summary. You must match orders to deposits.
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