Cloud Cart Connector provides a two-way sync of orders between QuickBooks and Salesforce.

What editions of Salesforce do you support?

We support all versions, except the basic edition. Professional Edition users must pay Salesforce an additional fee for API access.

How do I pair the app?

Salesforce sends Cloud Cart special security tokens, so our software can communicate to it without your user name and password. The pairing process is only done once. On the My Connections page of Cloud Cart, choose Salesforce. Click submit. Click continue in the dialog. Log in to Salesforce through our app. 

How are the fields mapped?

These screenshots are from QuickBooks Desktop, but the mappings with QB Online are identical:

How do I sync orders from QuickBooks to Salesforce?

In QuickBooks, create orders with a class of Salesforce. The orders should sync within fifteen to twenty minutes. For more details, read this guide.

Can I sync orders when they are activated?

Yes, this is the default behavior. Cloud Cart queries orders by their modified date. To sync drafts and orders by their creation date, go to the order export to QuickBooks tab. Clear the order status field.

Can I sync to a custom object?

Salesforce includes no fields for the payment method and shipping details. Cloud Cart comes with a custom object called invoice, which contains several fields that are missing between QuickBooks and Salesforce. To use the custom object, install this package

Here is the end result.

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