Switch QuickBooks User



Each account has one Intuit email. You can switch the email by adding another email with Intuit and associating your Intuit account.


For QBD, here are the steps:

  1. Open QB as an admin
  2. Go to Help > Manage Data Sync > Clear Sync and Login settings.
  3. Type YES
  4. Go to File > Set Up Intuit Sync Manager and enter a new user.
  5. In CCC< go to Account > My Company and note the company ID
  6. When asked to sync with a new company file, find the one with the company ID
  7. Next, login to cloudcartconnector.com as the user. Email us when complete with the new user name and we'll switch your settings.
  8. We don't recommend changing the user on the account unless it's absolutely necessary, like someone is leaving the company.



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