How do I map product SKUs using a CSV spreadsheet?



You can upload a bulk list of rules into Cloud Cart Connector. The most common is a one to one mapping of SKUs, though you can upload a list of any rules. 

Mappings Required

If your product SKUs match your QuickBooks item names, then there is no need to create a mapping. Here is the QB name field: 

Here is an example SKU:

Many customers use these spreadsheets if they have no SKUs or if their online store, like Amazon, generates SKUs different than the QuickBooks item names.

For more info on how Cloud Cart maps products, please read instructions.

Getting Started with SKU Mapping

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Go to the bulk upload page.
  3. Download the sample CSV.
  4. On the left column, enter the QuickBooks item name. On the right, enter the product SKU from your online store. If you are an Amazon customer, place the ASIN in the product SKU column.
  5. Upload the spreadsheet.


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