Renew Cloud Cart Connector Security Tokens



When you first set-up an account with Cloud Cart Connector, our system saves special security tokens to ensure that your data remains secure. We do not store your QuickBooks username and password. These tokens must be renewed over time for security purposes. This article will guide you through the process.

What Causes Tokens to Expire?

There are many reasons:

  • Time - The tokens only last 6 months.
  • App Center - You click get app now more than once. As a result, it invalidates your tokens with us. You must renew the tokens on each connection.
  • Multiple Users - You authorize the app for one user. Later on, you click "get app now" with another user and the tokens get invalidated.
  • Intuit makes updates to QuickBooks and they invalidate tokens.
  • QuickBooks goes offline for a period of time and they invalid tokens.


To watch a live video demonstrating how to renew your tokens, click here.


Cloud Cart Connector stores special login tokens, so we can auto-sync orders. After a period of time, these tokens expire and must be renewed. Our system will email you, when these tokens lapse. Here are the steps to renew your login:

  1. Login to
  2. Select the account icon on the top right nav bar.
  3. Click disconnect.
  4. Go back to the Home Page and select the green "Connect to QuickBooks" button.
  5. Select the Authorize button or select your QuickBooks Online company file and choose Authorize.
  6. If your login has been expired for more than 24 hours, perform a manual sync to transfer any missing orders.






You should see missing orders come into QuickBooks Online in thirty minutes to an hour. For more info on manual syncing, read this knowledge base article.

Web Server is Down

If you have followed the steps above and you still see this error, then it should go away on its own. On occasion, Intuit's web server goes down and no one can sync orders. Our system will continue retrying until Intuit is back online. Ensure that all the icons next to QuickBooks Data Services and Intuit Sync Manager are green on this page. This is a rare occurrence with Intuit. If you're using QuickBooks Desktop, the Intuit Sync Manager displays errors, and the error message is 17_7118, then please sync later.

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