How do I locate orders from Cloud Cart to QuickBooks Online?



There are many reasons why an order may not appear or would be missing from QuickBooks. These reasons include: not reaching QuickBooks yet, a number overlap, a QuickBooks filter hiding the order, or searching in the wrong place.

Transaction Log

It's possible that orders have not reached Cloud Cart Connector yet or there is an error in your transaction log. Cloud Cart Connector will process your sync a few minutes after you click sync now on the configure page.

To see a list of transactions, follow these steps:

  1. Sign into
  2. At the top right, click settings>transaction log.
  3. Under the message column, click on the filter icon (looks like a small flashlight) and type in your order number. Select "contains" as the filter:

If you receive an error message about your order and you don't understand what it means, please contact us.

Order Never Sent

If you fail to see a transaction, try running a manual sync. login to Cloud Cart, Expland the "sync orders Manually to QB" tab and change the dates to a day before and a day after the order was placed. You can also insert the order number in the order list field. Many of our integrations use UTC time when asking for orders, so the order might have a time four to eight hours higher.

Newer Orders

For performance reasons, QuickBooks might fail to show recent orders. Here is an easy way to refresh:

  1. Refresh QuickBooks with refresh icon next to the URL bar


  1. Log out of QuickBooks Online
  2. Log back into QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Order Number Search

The order might exist under a different customer or you might not be searching in the right place. You can search QuickBooks Online transactions by order number. 

  1. Login to QuickBooks Online.
  2. On the top menu, click the magnifying glass.
  3. Enter the order number. If you are using an order prefix, enter the prefix plus the number.

Sometimes orders can have different numbers than expected. If you're using our Authorize.Net integration, the order number could be the transaction Id or the invoice number. You could also be using an order prefix, which would change the number. You can check the transaction log to find missing orders.

Number Overlap

In QuickBooks, check if the order already exists in QuickBooks. If the customer on the order is different than the order that you're trying to insert, then your order numbers are overlapping. Here is an excerpt from the transaction log:

"Order 5649 already exists in QuickBooks under Wellings, Jason."

You can add an order prefix to your Cloud Cart Connector orders by following these steps:

  1. Login to 
  2. Click configure at your connection.
  3. Expand the 'Sync orders to QuickBooks' tab
  4. In the order prefix box, enter a prefix of your choosing: 
  5. In the date fields, adjust the dates to where the orders are missing.
  6. Click save and sync.
  7. In 15 minutes, check the transaction log for details

Order Status Export

For ShipStation customers, orders are queried by their creation date. Some integrations fail to show the proper date with hours and minutes, so they appear as 12:00 AM. Try exporting orders when they ship by following these instructions:

  1. Login to
  2. click configure at your connection.
  3. Expand the 'Sync maually to QuickBooks' tab
  4. Enter shipped into the order status field:
  5. Click save and sync.

QuickBooks Filters

QuickBooks filters orders by date, so make sure these filters are off.

QuickBooks Online

Here are the steps to turn off order filters:

  1. Login to QuickBooks Online
  2. On the left, click customers
  3. Click the link for the customer's name. 
  4. Verify the drop down in the middle says all transactions:


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