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Free Trial

Q: Do you offer a trial?

A: Yes. We offer a 14-day, fully functional trial during which can sync up to 500 orders. No credit card or purchase necessary. Visit the Cloud Cart Connector web portal and sign in with your Intuit account. Then, pair your company file. On the My Connections page, choose your connection and follow the on-screen instructions. For more info on starting a trial, please read our getting started guide.



Q: May I see a demo of your software?

A: Certainly! We have integration specific integration videos at our corporate site under platforms. If you need a live demo, please contact us directly to schedule a demo.

Q: Do you have a demo QuickBooks account we can use?

A: We recommend signing up for a 30-day free trial of QuickBooks Online, then reading our QuickBooks Online instructions. Several of our compatible solutions are hosted or you can download trials. To set up a solution, read our solution guide.


Features & Function

Q: How often does the Cloud Cart Connector sync run?

A: Cloud Cart Connector will automatically sync orders once every hour. In addition, Cloud Cart will sync inventory and/or order from QuickBooks every fifteen minutes. You can adjust this time to every hour, two hours, three hours, or once per day, in the Cloud Cart Connector account settings. 

Q: How do I perform a manual sync and historical order sync?
A: Cloud Cart Connector can import historical orders or change existing orders. Cloud Cart allows you to sync up to thirty days back. As a trial user, you may only sync five hundred orders during a seven-day period. Once you purchase, you may sync as far back as you want.
Q: How do I view the Transaction Log?
A: The Transaction Log is an activity log of everything that Cloud Cart Connection is syncing. The log will display sync failures and successes. These can be found in the Transaction Log of your Cloud Cart account.

Q: How does Cloud Cart Connector match products and SKU's (stock-keeping-units)?

A: Cloud Cart Connector matches the product SKU and the QuickBooks item name or QuickBooks SKU. If you need to change the mapping, please read this guide. For our recommendations on organizing SKUs, read this guide. Cloud Cart will create new products if it cannot find a match.

Q: How does Cloud Cart Connector match customers?

A: Cloud Cart can match customers by their name, company, selling channel, or a single customer for all orders. For more information, please click here.

Q: Is it possible to sync inventory from QuickBooks to my e-commerce solution?
A: Yes, it is possible to sync inventory from QuickBooks to your online store via Cloud Cart Connector. To enable this feature, the products must first exist on your website. The QuickBooks item name or SKU field should match the product SKU in your store. This article describes syncing inventory from QuickBooks to your online store.
Q: Is it possible to sync orders from QuickBooks to my e-commerce solution?
A: Yes, it is possible to sync orders from QuickBooks to your e-commerce solution via Cloud Cart Connector. To see a list of solutions where Cloud Cart can sync orders, visit our features page. To read a quick start on syncing orders, please click here. 


Billing & Pricing, Terms & Conditions

Q: How do I subscribe?

A: Visit our online store and choose one of our plans. We offer packages for 6,000 orders up to an unlimited plan, multiple connected platforms, and more.

Q: How often am I billed?

A: You are charged a one-time activation fee at the time of purchase. You are then billed a monthly subscription, twenty-four hours after your initial purchase. If you need billing to start at another time, please contact us

Q: I purchased a subscription. How do I schedule on-boarding & set-up assistance?

A: Thank you for your purchase! You will be provided set-up assistance via phone or email as part of your activation fee. To schedule your onboarding and set-up conference call via GoToMeeting, please contact us. Please be sure to include your order ID and billing email address. This set-up service will expire 30 days after your purchase.

Q: What if I require additional support?

A: If you require additional support, upgrade QuickBooks, upgrade your website, or change integration points, we reserve the right to charge for additional support. Please contact us for current rates.

Q: What if I require custom programming or wish to commission custom work?

A: If you require coding changes to make our software better fit your business needs or would like to commission custom work, please contact us for a consultation and pricing for custom coding.

Q: What happens if I exceed my annual order limit?

A: If you exceed your yearly order limit, you will automatically be upgraded to the next subscription plan.

Q: What if I have subscribed, but do not currently use the service?

A: If you have subscribed to our service and you do not use it, the subscription fee is charged monthly.

Q: What is JMA Web Technologies' refund policy?

A: We offer a full refund within 14 days. Between 15 and 30 days, we will refund your first monthly payment. After that, you are responsible for any charges you may incur. We do not prorate refunds for partial months. If you did not use our software or you subscribed to a plan higher than necessary, you are liable for payments until you cancel or downgrade. If you did not cancel in writing, then you are liable for any payments until we receive written notice or you cancel your subscription in the account area of your Cloud Cart account.

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