Change Order Status Task


Login to and click auto sync on the left. Add a new task and use one of these methods:

There are two change order statuses:

Change Order Status: Pulls a list of invoices and sales receipts where the balance is 0. Ideal for COD scenarios where you want to change orders to paid, if they are paid in invoices. The user should select invoices only, payments if paid as their transaction mode. You can filter by class by changing the order export > store name property to the class.

Change Order Status Tracking Number in E-Commerce or CRM: Pulls a list of sales receipts and invoices by modify date, then removes orders without tracking numbers. This task is ideal for orders shipped through QuickBooks. This places tracking info and changes the order status in your e-commerce solution.

How it Works

Here is an example:

  1. The user creates or Cloud Cart Connector creates order 100000010 inside of QuickBooks. 
  2. The user creates a line item called tracking on the invoice, sales receipt, or sales order. The tracking number is XXX123. The user can place the phrase tracking in the description  or the tracking number field of QuickBooks Online
  3. The system finds a match in Magento for order 100000010. 
  4. Cloud Cart Connector tells Magento the status for 100000010 is complete and the tracking is XXX123.

In this diagram, there are 3 places for QuickBooks Online users to place the tracking number field. There are only 2 for QuickBooks Desktop because there is no tracking number field:


Updated Transactions

To view a list of transactions that will reach your order management system, follow these steps:

  1. Login to
  2. Click account > Updated Transactions
  3. Wait about 30 seconds for the report to generate.

Status Name

Go to the adanced tab of Cloud Cart Connector's settings page. Under order status, enter Completed or Shipped if you are a nopCommerce user. Otherwise, enter your e-commerce solution's status. Ensure that export orders regardless of status is checked.

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