Can I filter InfusionSoft orders from entering QuickBooks?



Cloud Cart Connector can filter orders by a custom field called OrderStatus. This is ideal if you have two company files with one InfusionSoft account of if you want to exclude certain orders from QuickBooks. 


To filter orders by a custom field called OrderStatus, follow these steps:

  1. In Infusionsoft, create a custom field called OrderStatus
  2. Contact us to map the custom field.
  3. Select an Infusionsoft order. 
  4. Go to the custom fields tab
  5. Enter a value in the OrderStatus field: 
  6. Login to
  7. On the my connections page, click configure: 
  8. On the configure page, click the order export to QuickBooks tab.
  9. In the order status field, enter the value from Infusionsoft: 
  10. Click submit.

What happens if I change the order status, after an order syncs?

Our software queries orders by creation date. You must resync the order.

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