How Does Cloud Cart Connector Check for Duplicates?


Cloud Cart Connector checks for duplicates in this fashion:

  1. If you're using the QuickBooks auto-generated order number, Cloud Cart Connector inserts the original order number into the notes field on the invoice. Only QuickBooks users can see this field. Tampering with this field can create duplicates in QB, so please don't touch it.
  2. If you are an Amazon or eBay user and you use QuickBooks Desktop, we use number 1 to search for duplicates. QuickBooks Desktop only holds eleven characters as the order Id.
  3. By default, Cloud Cart Connector puts the order number into the QuickBooks order number field.


For back orders, other QuickBooks integrations must use a different number scheme and you may receive duplicates. We recommend only exporting orders from date of install forward and turning off your other integration.

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