QuickBooks Online Discount Field



Cloud Cart Connector will add discounts as a negative line item called "orderdiscount." If you want to use the QuickBooks Online discount field, you will need to enable the settings below in QuickBooks. 

Set Up QuickBooks Online

You must tell QuickBooks Online that you're using the discount field. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to QuickBooks Online
  2. Click the gear > company settings
  3. Go to sales and turn on discount:
  4. Go to advanced and select an account for discounts:
  5. Here is the end result:


Cloud Cart Connector

You must tell Cloud Cart Connector to use the QuickBooks Online discount field:

  1. Login to cloudcartconnector.com
  2. Click configure on the My Connections page.
  3. Expand the Advanced Transaction tab and check use QuickBooks discount field
  4. Click Sync Now
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