Entering Manual Orders into QuickBooks



You must add an order prefix or suffix at the end of orders Cloud Cart Connector exports into QuickBooks, so the numbers from QuickBooks and the numbers from your order management solution are different. Overlapping orders can cause orders to fail to export or payments to be matched incorrectly.

Overlapping Orders 

Some customers have order numbers in their order management system and QuickBooks overlap. Here is an example:

  • On November 1, 2014, you enter invoice #1 into QuickBooks for John Smith. It has a balance of $100 and its total was $100 because it was never paid.
  • Your order management solution sends Cloud Cart Connector order #1 for Jane Jones.
  • Our system asks QuickBooks if there is an order #1.
  • QuickBooks responds with John Smith order #1.
  • Cloud Cart Connector skips the order.
  • Cloud Cart Connector inserts the payment for John Smith order #1 because it thinks it is order #1 for Jane Smith. 

You might experience orders failing to reach QuickBooks, payments failing to be applied or payments matching to the wrong invoices.

Log Messages

If you go to your transaction log, located at the gear > transaction log, you will see these messages:

  • Order 0 has failed to export into QuickBooks. Duplicate Document Number Error: You must specify a different number. This number has already been used.
  • Order 12490 has a 0 balance and QuickBooks cannot create a payment.

Using QuickBooks Order Number

You can use the next number from QuickBooks, which is autogenerated. The original order number will appear in the QuickBooks memo field. It is possible to get duplicates if you resync the same orders. For instructions, see this article.

Adding a Prefix or Suffix

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to cloudcartconnector.com.
  2. Click submit on the my connections page.
  3. On the configure page, click the order export tab
  4. Under order prefix, enter IS-. This will prefix all orders with IS- and then the order number: 
  5. Click save and sync.


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