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InfusionSoft Invoice Id and Order Id

There are two identifiers for an invoice in Infusionsoft. The first is an invoice id, which you see by clicking view orders. The second is an invoice number (a.k.a. order id) that you see when print previewing an invoice. Most of the time, these numbers are the same. When you delete orders, these numbers can be different. Here is an example:

Our software matches the Infusionsoft order id column to the QuickBooks order number field. If you want to use the invoice id, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Cloud Cart Connector.
  2. Click submit.
  3. Click rules engine on the left.
  4. Click turn on advanced rules engine.
  5. Add a new rule set called swap order id and enter these values: 
  6. Click submit.
  7. On the next form, enter these values: 
  8. Add another rule set called swap order id payment.
  9. Enter these values: 
  10. On the next page, enter these values: 
  11. Click submit.

Both the payment and invoice need the invoice id mapped as the QuickBooks order number. Otherwise, some payments and invoices will fail to export.

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