Phone Support Policies


Do you offer phone support?

Yes, we offer U.S. based phone support.

Do I receive any phone support with my existing plan?

Trial users receive free phone support with their trial, which is limited to general functionality and set-up questions. After the trial, users receive one phone support incident.

How do I request phone support?

To request phone technical support, please email with your availability, your time zone, and a description of your technical issue. I will send out a GoToMeeting invite.​

What are the fees for phone technical support, after the first incident?

Support calls are $50 and they include a GoToMeeting.

Are there any free support options?

Email support and using our online help center is free. Email support is limited to general functionality and set-up questions. If you're seeking new features, please contact us to discuss consulting or make a feature request.

Why is there an additional charge for phone support?

Phone support requires access to higher level support representatives than email. Phone support is often more time consuming than email support.

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