Why am I paying an activation fee?


Many customers ask us this question and here are the reasons:

Email and Phone Support

Our company provides email and phone support during the initial install. Customers can opt for a GoToMeeting to discuss settings or email us with any questions.

Access to Our Knowledge Base

We allow customers to access our knowledge base and video library. 

U.S. Sales, Customer Service, and Support

Our company is based in Boston. We are accessible during normal business hours.

Data Charges

Since our system is cloud based, our company must pay for computer time and the size of data that you sync during your trial. The fees are similar to data charges for smart phones.

Month to Month Pricing

We allow customers to unsubscribe at any time for any reason. You are not responsible for the next month, if you never used the service.

Lower Monthly Pricing

Activation fees keep the monthly rate at a lower price.

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