Recurring Templates Support



Recurring templates will use the next available document number from QuickBooks as the invoice number. This will cause a numbering collision between Cloud Cart Connector and your sync.


You must manually create recurring transactions and alter the order number.

  1. On the Cloud Cart Connector configure page, go to the order export tab.
  2. Under order prefix, enter a letter.
  3. Click save and sync.
  4. In QuickBooks Online, click the gear box >  recurring transactions.
  5. Click Edit next to each transaction.
  6. From the type drop down, select reminder: 
  7. From the days dropdown, select a number of days where you should be reminded. If you enter one, then you'll be reminded the day before the transaction should be entered into QuickBooks Online.
  8. Click "save template."
  9. On the top right, click "reminder list."
  10. Using the report, create new transactions.
  11. Edit the transaction and remove the order prefix.
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