nopCommerce Avalara Set-Up



There are three main steps:

  1. Add the plugin files to your website.
  2. Install the plugin.
  3. Configure the plugin.

Does the connector support Redis or SQL Session State?

You must retrieve this version of the Avalara.Adapter.dll file, which marked all classes as serializable.

Add Plugin Files

Copy the files from the .zip folder into your website under the plugins folder. It should look like this:

Merge the bin folder of the download with the bin folder of your website.

Complete Your Info

Place the avalaraaddress.xml and entityusecodexmlfile.xml at the root of the website (next to web.config, app_data folders). Enter your warehouse address in the AvalaraAddress.xml file. For the address1, enter your company name and make sure it’s less than 30 characters.

The EntityUseCode.xml file holds a collection of emails that are tax exempt. If you have no tax exempt customers, then skip this step. For the entity use code field, contact your Avalara representative.

Special Note

For your information, here are the referenced files:

Install nopCommerce Plugin

Open a web browser and go to ~/admin in your site

Go to Configuration > Plugins

Click install next to the Avalara Plugin:

If you are using the BAT file, please the binary in the bin folder. Otherwise, you receive an error related to the TaxAvalara controller.

On the top menu, Go to Configuration > Tax > Tax Providers and make Avalara the default:

Click configure and complete the credentials.

Shipping Tax

nopCommerce applies the sales tax rate from the cart to shipping, if shipping is taxable in the nopCommerce settings. The system uses a default tax code of FR20000. If you wish you override it, go to Configuration > Tax > Tax Categories and add a shipping tax code:

Go to Configuration > Tax > Tax Settings.

Change the settings:

Configure Avalara in nopCommerce Admin

The top four field values are provided by Avalara. You will receive the JMA license key in a separate email, after purchasing the connector from JMA Web Technologies:

Other settings turn the tax provider on for certain U.S. States and foreign countries. Ideally, you should use the tax software in states where you have nexus. Avalara charges you on a per order basis. If you use the production URL, it's Otherwise, enter

By default, only orders with completed status post to Avalara. If you wish to change that behavior, choose a value from the order status drop down.

Beneath the settings area is a batch transaction form. If you want to run orders through Avalara again, you can enter a range:



By checking the box for log transactions in the nopCommerce Avalara admin, the system will log Avalara communication in the ~/avalaralog.txt file. This is useful for debugging purposes. For more info on logging, read this guide.

Sales Tax Codes

Our system maps tax categories from nopCommerce to Avalara tax codes. If you are using sample products, you must remove tax category or you will see $0 tax. If you assign no category to an item, then it is assumed taxable. Otherwise, the system matches the Avalara tax code item with a line coming from Avalara. For more info, read this article.

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