Troubleshooting nopCommerce Avalara No Tax


Avalara Never Inserts Orders

On the nopCommerce Avalara settings page, ensure never call insert tax is unchecked. Make sure that the order status drop down says a status that your order reaches. Here is a screenshot of the setting:


On a nopCommerce order, here are a list of order statuses:


Avalara Returns No Tax

There are several reasons why the connector would return no tax:

  1. Products are tax exempt.
  2. Products have incorrect tax code.
  3. Shipping address state charges no tax.

Tax Exempt

In the nopCommerce admin, go to the product page. Ensure tax exempt is unchecked:


Tax Code Incorrect

Beneath the exempt setting, there is a tax code drop down. Ensure nothing is selected. If sales tax works, then the code you have applied is invalid.

Nexus and Shipping Address State

Avalara must be configured to charge sales tax in certain states. Avalara based tax on the shipping address. Ensure this state is taxable. Contact your Avalara go live coordinator.

How do I log informational and error messages?

To troubleshoot, you must enable logging. On the nopCommerce Avalara configure page, select log in text file:


The in database messages appear in the nopCommerce log, located at /admin/log/list. In ~/avalaralog.txt, you will see informational and error messages. Here is an example log.


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