Cloud Cart Connector can sync transactions as sales receipts or invoices and payments. This guide walks you through pairing and our site.

Obtain Keys

You must obtain API keys from

  1. Login to the admin
  2. Go to Content Settings > Control Panel > API: 
  3. Fill out the form on-screen.
  4. Make note of the credentials: 
  5. Login at
  6. On the my connections page, choose
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions.

Invoices and Payments

If the transaction is open, our system will create an invoice with payment. If the order is closed, then our system creates an invoice only. On the configuration page of our software, choose invoices payments if paid for this option.

Product Mapping

Cloud Cart will map the GL code item name to the QuickBooks product name field. If there is no GL code item name, Cloud Cart matches the membership requested field.

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