You must obtain your API key and subdomain.


Here are the steps:

  1. After signing into Cloud Cart Connector, you will arrive at the my connections page. 
  2. Choose FoxyCart.
  3. Login to your FoxyCart admin.
  4. Under the store section, click settings.
  5. If you have a remote store domain, copy and paste into into the Cloud Cart Connector sub domain field. Prefix it with https. Here is an example remote store domain and Cloud Cart form.
  6. If you have no remote store sub-domain, copy and paste the store sub-domain into the Cloud Cart Connector store sub-domain field: 
  7. If you have no sub-domain, copy the custom URL prefixed by https into the sub domain field on Cloud Cart. On the top menu, click advanced.
  8. Copy and paste the API key in the Cloud Cart Connector API key field: 

Here is a completed my connections page:

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