How do I track income by sales channel?



Using the Class and location fields can help categorize orders. If your business sells multi-channel, you can use the location field to insert the store name and then run your QuickBooks reports by store.


To see the demo full screen, click here. Here is a demo of class and location grouping:

To create the customized profit and loss report, click Reports > profit and loss > customize. Scroll down and change the class drop down.


You must have QuickBooks Online Plus.


QuickBooks Online Instructions:

  1. In QuickBooks, go to the gear box.
  2. Under the company tab, go to categories and enable class tracking
  3. Go to the gear box > all list > classes
  4. Add a class called web orders


Cloud Car Connector Instructions

Tell Cloud Cart Connector to add a default class called web orders to all orders:

  1. Log into your Cloud Cart Connector account and select Configure under an existing connection.
  2. Expand the Transaction Menu and choose a class from the drop down menu under Class Mapping.
  3. Click Sync Now.


All orders from Cloud Cart Connector will have web orders applied:

QuickBooks Online

Here are the steps to run a P&L by class:

  1. On the left, click reports.
  2. On top, enter profit and loss by class
  3. Notice how orders are grouped by class and income account: 
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