How do I set up my accounts in QuickBooks?



Our software will create missing accounts automatically. These docs will describe what the accounts will look like and reading this section is optional.

Account Types

To see this demo full screen, click here. If you're using QuickBooks Online in Europe, please click here

The item asset account must have a account type of 'Other Current Asset' and a detail type of 'Inventory':

The discount account must have an income account type of 'Income' and a detail type of 'Discounts/Refunds Given':

The item income account must have an account type of 'Income' and a detail type of 'Sales of Product Income': 

If you run a non-inventory business, the inventory asset and COGS account are optional. We recommend A/R and Undeposited Funds as the last two accounts on the list. These are used for invoices and payment deposits. The first three accounts are used for new items only. You can change these items, after they reach QuickBooks.

QuickBooks Online UK Accounts

Please read the instructions above for accounts. Three of the five detail types are different than the ones in the United States:

Cloud Cart Connector Account Type Category Type Detail Type Example
Inventory Asset Current assets Stock Click here for screenshot.
Cost of Goods Sold Cost of sales Cost of sales Click here for screenshot.
Accounts Receivable Debtors Debtors Click here for screenshot.
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