How does Cloud Cart Connector match customers in QuickBooks?


What options are available?

On the Cloud Cart configure page, you can choose from several options:

  • Company Name (if supplied)  or Last Name, First Name
  • Company Name (if supplied)  or First Name Last Name
  • Company Name (if supplied)  or Web Store
  • Company Name: Job First Name Last Name
  • Email
  • First Name lase Name
  • Last Name First Name No Comma
  • Last Name First Name 
  • Single Customer
  • Last Name First Name Middle Initial
  • Order Source / Parent Source
  • Parent: Job First Name Last Name
  • Parent: Job Last Name First Name
  • Parent: Order number 
  • Shipping Last Name First Name 
  • Single Customer 'Web Store'
  • Store Name
  • Store Name and Currency (i.e. Amazon USD)
  • Store Name: Job Last Name, First Name

If you choose company name or LNFN, Cloud Cart would match the company or name if no company is available. If you choose Single Customer, you may add the single customer name. By default, Cloud Cart uses web store.

What fields does Cloud Cart search?

Cloud Cart can only search one field at a time. By default, Cloud Cart searches the display name as the field. If you chose billing address email, Cloud Cart searches the QuickBooks customer email address. If you need to search another field, please contact us.

If I select customer email, can Cloud Cart find customers with multiple emails?

Yes, Cloud Cart can find customers if the QuickBooks email contains the billing address email. If the billing email was, Cloud Cart can match,

If I select customer email, how does Cloud Cart create new customers?

Cloud Cart will map the display name as field using last name, first name. Here is an example:


How do you match the middle name?

In this case, H might look like the last name. Smith, John H is the customer's display name. The customer's last name is still Smith. The first name is John and the middle name is H:

What if two customers have the same first name and last name?

Cloud Cart will try and match the email on the order to the email on the customer record. If the email is blank on the order or on the customer record, the system will assume it's the same customer. If the QuickBooks customer email is and the order says, the system adds the customer under a customer called web store. To disable this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Login to Cloud Cart Connector.
  2. At my connections, click Configure.
  3. Go to the advanced tab.
  4. Under advanced customer settings, uncheck match name only.
  5. Click save and sync.

Can Cloud Cart create or match sub customers?

Our software can find customers, even if they are jobs of other accounts:

ABC Company

 - John Smith

Select one of the parent job options under customer matching.

Single Name Customer Setting

When you select a single name customer mode, Cloud Cart Connector will assume that the single name is Web Store. You must tell our software to put all orders under a single customer. In this case, that customer is called ShipStation:

  1. Login to Cloud Cart Connector.
  2. At the configure page, scroll down to customer settings.
  3. Select single name as the customer mode.
  4. As the single name customer, enter ShipStation. 
  5. Click submit.

New orders will now enter QuickBooks under a customer called ShipStation: 

When you open the order, it will have the customer's full details:


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