Export Orders Older Than 90 Days


Disadvantages of Historical Orders

Syncing from the beginning of this month or last month is fine. If you need to sync from several months back, consider these issues:

  • Inventory: As you create orders in QuickBooks, the inventory of the items goes down. If you import a thousand orders, you need to create an inventory adjustment for items in those orders.
  • Reconciliation: All of these orders end up in the bank deposits area of QuickBooks. These orders need to be checked against a list of bank deposits, which could be tedious.
  • Time: It could take a few hours to import all of the transactions. Our software sends orders to QuickBooks one by one.
  • Inventory Start Date: QuickBooks Online introduces a new feature called inventory start date. This might prevent orders from syncing before the start date of items. For more info, see this article.

We recommend contacting your CPA. Many of them will create an opening journal entry, which summarizes sales for the missing entries.

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