How do I manually sync orders from QuickBooks to ShipStation?



Cloud Cart Connector syncs automatically every fifteen minutes. If you need to sync faster, you can tell Cloud Cart to process orders ASAP.


Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Cloud Cart Connector.
  2. On the my connections page, select your ShipStation connection and click configure 
  3. On the configure page, expand the 'Sync from QuickBooks Manually' Tab
  4. Cloud Cart will pull orders by their modified date. QuickBooks uses PST, so an order placed at 12 pm EST will be 9 am EST. Change the sync dates. We recommend searching a few hours before and after an order was placed: 
  5. Cloud Cart Connector cannot update orders. It must delete and reinsert them. Check the box for update orders.
  6. Click sync now.shipstation_sync_manually.jpg

Note: if you're looking to sync shipping details from ShipStation to QuickBooks, Expand the Advanced Tab and check 'update QuickBooks tracking and shipping'. Click sync now to save.


To see a log of activity, select Settings>Transaction Log at the top right.


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