Payment Matches to Incorrect Order



You have order numbers in QuickBooks that overlap orders from Infusionsoft. As a result, payments from customer B match to customer A:

  1. Infusionsoft Payment Id: 4632231 is matched to order number 43137 from Infusionsoft for USAA
  2. You already have an order in QuickBooks with order number 43137 for America Fujikura LTD.
  3. Cloud Cart Connector skipped adding 43137 because it already exists under America.
  4. Cloud Cart applied the payment to the wrong 43137 because the order has a balance and its payment did not have a reference number of Payment Id: 463223.


Apply an order prefix of IS- before your orders:

  1. Login to
  2. Click submit at the my connections page.
  3. At the configure page, go to the order export tab.
  4. Enter an order prefix in the order prefix field. This will add a prefix, like IS-, to any orders coming from our system.
  5. Click save and sync.
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