Update Tracking Numbers in QuickBooks



You can sync tracking details from ShipStation to QuickBooks Online invoices. Orders must be shipped by a carrier and manual shipments are not supported.

Shipment Example

Here is an example of a manual shipment. Orders must be shipped through a carrier. Tracking details will appear on the top right of the order. Here is an example.


Here are the steps:

  1. Go into ShipStation and ship orders using a carrier. 
  2. In QuickBooks, go to the gear box > company settings > sales and turn shipping on. You must turn this setting on to see the ship date and tracking number on the invoice.
  3. Go to the configure page of Cloud Cart Connector.
  4. On the transaction tab, select invoices only. This will prevent ShipStation from making payments on existing unpaid invoices in QuickBooks.
  5. Scroll down to export settings. Adjust the date window to twenty-four hours. This will ensure any orders you recently entered will be updated: 
  6. On the order export tab, enter shipped in the order list field.
  7. Under the Advanced tab, check "Update QuickBooks Tracking and Shipping": 
  8. Click save and sync.
  9. Wait about fifteen minutes. Log out and log into QuickBooks Online again.
  10. View the order and you will see the updates.
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