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You can sync products that you create in your online store to QuickBooks. By default, Cloud Cart Connector will sync products associated with new orders. Cloud Cart Connector has a special task to sync product updates and new products to QuickBooks, regardless of orders.

Supported Systems

These systems support the feed:

  • Bigcommerce
  • Bluepark
  • Channel Advisor
  • Infusionsoft
  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • WooCommerce

If your solution is not listed, please contact us. We will look into creating a feed for you.


On the Configure (All Settings) page, scroll down to the Task Settings drop down. To enable the Product Feed, select "Sync Product Feed to QuickBooks":

Our system will sync new products every half hour to QuickBooks.

How are the fields mapped?

Here is a mapping:

Store QuickBooks Notes
Product Title QuickBooks Name or QuickBooks SKU If you select match QuickBooks SKUs on the Cloud Cart transaction tab, then the title and name match.
Product SKU QuickBooks Name or QuickBooks SKU See above.
Quantity on Hand Stock Quantity  This is not designed to add or receive inventory in QuickBooks.
Product Title QuickBooks Sales and Purchase Description  
Unit Price Unit Price  

Our software will add the accounts from the Cloud Cart transaction tab accounts section to QuickBooks. You can adjust the accounts after products reach QuickBooks.

Please note that the Product Feed feature is not designed to add or receive inventory quantity from your website to QuickBooks. For accurate accounting, we recommend receiving inventory in QuickBooks by use of a Purchase Order (PO) and a bill.

Can you sync to the QuickBooks category field to my WooCommerce website?

The QuickBooks category field is a parent product. Each product can have a single parent. If the category exists in QuickBooks and WooCommerce, Cloud Cart will sync the QuickBooks category to the WooCommerce category field.

How does Cloud Cart prevent new products syncing to QuickBooks and back to my website?

When Cloud Cart creates new items, the stock quantity is zero in QuickBooks. If our tool added the stock, then the inventory would have no value. When the inventory is sold, QuickBooks records no inventory asset or COGS.

The problem with zero inventory in QuickBooks is Cloud Cart will sync the quantity of "0" to your website. Here is a use case:

  1. Cloud Cart creates a new product in QuickBooks.
  2. A product has been recently created, so it has been recently modified.
  3. Cloud Cart will sync the stock quantity of 0 back to the website.

Users will see a rule called product feed exclude inventory sync in their rules engine. It says if the product was newly created by the product feed, then do not sync it back to the website.

Advanced Settings

By default, Cloud Cart Connector will sync new products. You can tell our system to sync updates to product prices to QuickBooks. Our system will sync products from the date of set-up forwards. You can easily adjust the sync dates to enter products from a few days ago. These settings are under the Product Feed tab:

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