Kentico PayPal 8 Installation



You must merge files, build the JMA.Custom.Payment library, and create a custom module in Kentico.


Merge the file in the .ZIP that you downloaded from the JMA Web Store into your application. Unzip the JMA.Custom project and add it to your solution. Add these assemblies:

 - CMS.Base
 - CMS.Core
 - CMS.DataEngine
 - CMS.Ecommerce
 - CMS.EcommerceProvider
 - CMS.ExtendedControls
 - CMS.Globalization
 - CMS.Helpers
 - CMS.SiteProvider
 - CMS.Syncronization
 - CMS.UIControls

  • Right click the bin folder of your Kentico add site
  • Click add reference
  • Select solution > JMA.Custom.Payment


You must set-up a custom module in Kentico:

  • On the home page, click modules
  • Next to ECommerce, click the green pencil
  • On the left, click user interface
  • Left click CMS > Administration > ECommerce
  • On the top left, click the plus sign
  • On the form, enter these values:

Display Name: Payflow Pro
Module: Custom
Element Icon Type: CSS Class
Element Icon CSS Class: icon-app-product-coupons
Type: URL
Target URL: ~/CMSModules/ECommerce/Pages/Tools/Configuration/PayflowPro/PayflowProAuthentication.aspx

  • On the top left, click save
  • Refresh your browser by pressing F5
  • On the left menu, click e-commerce > Payflow Pro:

Here is an image of the module set-up:


Go to CMSDesk > ECommerce > Configuration > Payflow Pro. Enter your credentials from PayPal. Here is what this screen should look like (replace test values with your credentials.)


If you are testing, click the use for testing checkbox. The software supports authorization or authorization and capture. When an order goes from complete to canceled status, the software posts return request to PayPal.

Add Payment Method

You must add PayPal as the credit card payment method. Here are the steps:

  1. On the top left, click the flower
  2. Type in Store Configuration
  3. Click the option
  4. Click payment methods
  5. Edit the credit card payment method credit card - or create a new credit card method if Authorize.Net doesn't exist.
  6. As the payment gateway provider class, select JMA.Custom.Payment
  7. Select the order status completed and failed options. 

Add Payflow Pro to Shipping Options

You need to add PayPal as a payment option for all your shipping methods. Otherwise, it won't appear when the user selects shipping. Here are the steps:

  1. On the top left, click the flower
  2. Type in Store Configuration
  3. Click the option
  4. Select shipping options
  5. Click the pencil next to each option
  6. Click payment methods
  7. Click add payments
  8. Select credit card


Once you have tested, go back to your configuration page. Uncheck the testing box and enter your production credentials.

Verify Payments

For PayPal, login here:

Go to search transactions and enter a transaction number (Kentico Admin > ECommerce > Orders > Edit Order > Billing tab) to see transaction info. There is a log file at ~/paypallog.txt that will display any errors.

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