How do I split deposit accounts and customers by Amazon Marketplace?



You can change the deposit account, based on the marketplace ID. You must set-up a separate connection for each marketplace. Each URL and solution name combination creates a new group of settings.

Example Data

In this example, we have a store in the UK and a store in France:

Store Name Marketplace ID
Amazon UK A1F83G8C2ARO7P
Amazon France A13V1IB3VIYZZH


You must set-up one connection per marketplace. In this example, we will set-up a connection for Amazon Europe for the UK store and another connection for the Amazon France store. 

On the configure page at the Amazon settings area, leave the marketplace IDs field blank.

Amazon UK

At the my connections page, complete the form using the Amazon UK marketplace ID. Choose your deposit account at the bottom. Click save and sync.

Amazon France

Click my connections. Add a new Amazon Europe connection. Enter the marketplace ID for the Amazon France store. Change the URL to


On the configure page, scroll down to accounts. Choose your deposit account.

Single Name Customer

You can easily group orders by Amazon UK and Amazon France:

Amazon UK

 - Order 123

Amazon France

 - Order 124

On the advanced tab, scroll down to customer settings. In the single name field, enter Amazon UK.


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