How do I test syncing inventory to my website?



Cloud Cart Connector pulls items by their modified date. Making a change to an item will cause it to sync with your website. Cloud Cart queries updated items every fifteen minutes and syncs automatically. To sync a single item., you must update a product in QB and return to the Cloud Cart site.

I made inventory updates a few days ago. Can I sync them without changing them again?

Yes, you can change your sync timers:

  1. Login to Connex.
  2. Click configure at my connections.
  3. On the configure page, click the inventory tab.
  4. Adjust the after date to last week: 

I need to perform an initial sync of inventory from QB to my site. Can you help me?

Please contact us with your account info. Please specify the number of items in QuickBooks and your website.


QuickBooks Online

You must make an update to an item in QuickBooks:

  1. In QB, click the gear box.
  2. Click products and services.
  3. Double click an item.
  4. In the purchase description field, enter test.
  5. Click save.
  6. Edit the item again and remove test.

The next time the Cloud Cart sync runs, Cloud Cart will find this product.

Cloud Cart Connector

Cloud Cart will sync inventory updates every fifteen minutes. To sync in a few minutes, follow these steps:

  1. At the Cloud Cart my connections page, click submit.
  2. At the configure page, scroll to the bottom.
  3. Click save and sync.
  4. In a few minutes, hover over the gear box and click transaction log.
  5. Note the activity.
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