How do I map my order description to the QuickBooks name?



In many cases, payment processors fail to receive the line items. Sometimes, the orders have the description that Cloud Cart can map to QuickBooks.

Map Description to QuickBooks Item Name

In this example, the order description contains the SKU complete essay writing package:

We can map the SKU complete essay writing package:

  1. Login to
  2. Hover over the gear box and click rules engine.
  3. Click the link to turn on the advanced rules engine.
  4. Click add new rule.
  5. Replace the ENTER with the proper values: 

How do I bulk import mappings?

Fill out this sheet. Copy the first row for each mapping. Each field should have a value. Rule name and map to should be identical. Map from is the description. At the rules engine, click import. Save the spreadsheet as a CSV.

How do I test?

Login to Cloud Cart. Hover over the gear and click reports. Click order previewer and plugin some dates. The description field under the firs tab is the description from the rule:

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