How do I track fees and gross profit?



Many companies want to view their total profit per transaction. QuickBooks has no profit report after fees like the one described. In addition, adding fees in QB will subtract from gross sales. Cloud Cart will keep the fees and the orders separate, so you can accurately track sales in QB.

How is this report compiled?

Cloud Cart pulls the purchase cost from QuickBooks. Cloud Cart matches the product SKU from Amazon to the name field in QuickBooks. Cloud Cart pulls an Amazon settlement report and adds up all the fees. Cloud Cart divides the total profit by the price of the product.

How do I view the report?

Here are the steps:

  1. If you have not already, pair your Amazon account with Cloud Cart Connector.
  2. On the Cloud Cart my connections page, choose your Amazon connection.
  3. Hover over the gear and click reports.
  4. Click Amazon Profit and Loss.
  5. Enter a begin and end date of an Amazon settlement report.

Here is an example report:

Do you have any charts?

Yes, here are our charts:

  • Total Sales Minus Fees
  • Total Amazon Fees by Date
  • Total Sales

Here is a diagram of the charts.

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