How can I log error messages in the nopCommerce Avalara Connector?



The nopCommerce Avalara Connector allows users to log informational and error messages in text files or the nopCommerce log.

Text Files

The plugin will create two text files in the root of your website: avalaralog.txt and avalarainserttaxlog.txt. The insert tax log will have information about submitting orders to Avalara. The other text file will display messages about getting tax rates. Here is what they would look like:

nopCommerce Log

You can log messages in the nopCommerce log. It is located at the nopCommerce admin > system > log. Here is an example.

How do I turn on the setting

Here are the steps:

  1. In nopCommerce, go to configuration > tax > providers.
  2. Click configure next to Avalara.
  3. Under Avalara logging, choose whether to log in the nopCommerce log or text files.
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