How do I sync orders from InfusionSoft to ShipStation?



Our software can sync orders from Infusionsoft to ShipStation, using QuickBooks as an intermediary.

How does it work? 

Every hour our software will find orders in Infusionsoft, and sync them to QuickBooks Online, adding a class called ShipStation. Every fifteen minutes, our software will sync QuickBooks orders to ShipStation if it has a class called ShipStation.

How do I connect the two systems?

You will need to set up two connections with Cloud Cart Connector:

  1. Export orders from Infusionsoft to QuickBooks Online.
  2. Export orders from QuickBooks Online to ShipStation.

How do I flag orders to sync from QuickBooks to ShipStation?

You must have QuickBooks Online Plus to use class tracking. You can verify this by clicking the gear box, account and settings, then viewing billing and subscription.

Once you have verified QuickBooks, turn on class tracking. Click the advanced tab. Under categories, enable class tracking and select one per transaction.

Add a class called ShipStation:

  1. Click the gear box and select lists > all lists > classes
  2. Add a new class called ShipStation.

Pair Infusionsoft

Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Cloud Cart Connector
  2. At the my connections page, select Infusionsoft and pair it.
  3. On the transaction tab, select sync orders to QuickBooks under task settings.
  4. On the field mapping tab of the configure page, select ShipStation. Cloud Cart will automatically assign ShipStation as the class. 
  5. Click Save and Sync to save these settings.

Pair ShipStation

Here are the steps:

  1. On Cloud Cart, click my connections.
  2. Choose ShipStation and pair it.
  3. On the transaction tab under task settings, select sync orders from QuickBooks.
  4. Click save and sync.

How do I verify that data is syncing?

Hover over the gear box and click transaction log. You will see a list of successful syncs.


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