Cloud Cart can sync sales from PayPal to QuickBooks. If PayPal receives your SKUs, QuickBooks can track inventory and record COGS. Cloud Cart can add your PayPal fees to QuickBooks.

How do I add PayPal Fees?

We recommend adding fees when you reconcile since fees are subtracted from gross sales tax payable. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Cloud Cart Connector.
  2. Click submit at my connections.
  3. On the transaction tab, scroll down to fee settings.
  4. In the fee item name, enter a product like merchant fees: 
  5. Click submit.

Should I sync with PayPal or my website?

In some cases, our client's website is missing code to send PayPal order details. We recommend syncing with your website directly if it is one of our supported platforms. You will likely see unknown_do_not_delete in QuickBooks because our tool has received no SKUs. By default, our tool maps the PayPal item number to the QuickBooks item name field. The PayPal item name is the product description. If you wish to match the product name to the QuickBooks item name, please contact us.

As a workaround, you can map the unit price to the name field in QuickBooks.

How do I test with PayPal?


Go to and sign in with your PayPal info. On the left, click sandbox and click accounts. Choose the account saying facilitator. In the account, click request money. Click create an invoice. Click get payment link. You can use a test credit card to process a payment. Once complete, follow the instructions to pair with PayPal. If the API user name contains facilitator, our tool will know to use your sandbox account.


You can create transactions worth less than a dollar in your live PayPal account. Do not cancel them, before you sync.

How do I pair PayPal?

You must obtain an API username, password, and signature from PayPal:

  1. Log into your PayPal account.
  2. On the top menu, click profile.
  3. Click my selling tools.
  4. Next to API access, click update.
  5. Under NVP / Soap Integration, click view.
  6. At Cloud Cart Connector's my connections page, select PayPal.
  7. Enter the API username, password, and signature: 

When my PayPal orders reach QuickBooks, they say item_summary. How do I change the SKU?

In this example, we will change the SKU to PayPal Sales. Here are the steps:

  1. Login to Cloud Cart.
  2. Hover over the gear and click rules engine.
  3. Click add new rule.
  4. Add a rule like this one.
  5. If you want to map to SKUs based on the item price, add this rule.

How come I can't see the SKUs the customer ordered?

You must program your website to send the order details to PayPal in the invoice object. This code will show you how we map the fields from PayPal, if we see order details.

What does a sample order look like?

Here is a sample:

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